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Scottsdale Top Rated Dumpster Rentals​

Do you need to rent a dumpster to dispose of trash & junk? You may have a DIY or a spring cleaning project you’re considering. You may also consider cleaning your backyard, garage, or closet.

Maybe your office is cluttered, and you want to clean up the office space.

When you choose Czechlist Junk Removal to provide you with a dumpster, you can expect amazing service and proper pricing. All you have to do is decide where you want your rented dumpster to be dropped off, and we will drop off a dumpster at that location. 

Dumpster Rental

Dumpster Pricing​

15 Yard Dumpster

3 Days - $329

2 tons are included, each additional ton: $75

15 Yard Dumpster

7 Days - $389

2 tons are included, each additional ton: $75

Dumpster Rental

What Are Dumpster Rentals?

You can rent a dumpster to eliminate any junk from your home or office. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a dumpster that is driveway friendly. 

Take your time when filling out the dumpster, as there is no rush. We only come to pick up the dumpster when your rental period is over or when you ask us to. The dumpster we provide is large enough to store appliances and furniture in. You can also store trash and construction debris associated with cleaning out estates. We can dispose of junk associated with remodeling bathrooms and kitchens using dumpster rentals.

However, we cannot dispose of toxic and hazardous substances this way. 

You’ll find that our dumpsters are large enough for you to get rid of all your junk. In addition to large dumpsters, you can also enjoy excellent customer service. Our dumpster rental services are ideally suited to homeownersbusiness owners, renters, and anyone who needs to rent a dumpster. 

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